Benefits at a glance


  • Prevent harsh acceleration & harsh braking
  • Prevent speed limit violations
  • Ensure timely maintenance of your vehicles

Business Benefits

  • Track your delivery truck
  • Divert your service vehicles to attend unplanned maintenance


  • Prevent unnecessary idling and save fuel
  • Prevent fuel theft

Avoid misuse

  • Ensure company vehicles are not used beyond office timings
  • Ensure company vehicles are not used outside the geographical area assigned

Staff Productivity

  • Find hours on ground
  • Find customers visited
  • Find geographical activity


  • Get alert when vehicle moves outside allowed territory
  • Immobilize the vehicle automatically or manually

Increase life of your vehicles

  • Timely maintenance based on time or usage
  • Preventing rough usage

Ensure compliance

  • Speed compliance
  • Temperature compliance
  • Maintenance based on usage hours