More solutions available

Besides standard Vehicle Tracking Solution, we also have specific solutions for:

School Bus Management

Ensure Safety and Security for Students by proper scheduling, rescheduling, and managing of routes and pick/drop locations, and live tracking and management by driver, school management and parent

Field Employee Monitoring Software

This solution helps manage your field operations in real-time. It provides visibility from “The Road to the Board” with features like jobs and scheduling, location and tracking, forms and more

Consignment Tracking Solution

This is a supply chain management software that not only tracks your logistics or consignments but also useful for your asset tracking. It executes and controls the turnaround stream and capacity of merchantize

Rental Company Solution

This solution is for any vehicle renting company as it simplifies business processes with rent management, vehicle tracking, rental time tracking, accurate billing, invoice generation, departure and arrival monitoring and many more amazing features